The Alley at The Tucker Center

Open 90 minutes prior to tip-off for FSU Men's and Women's Basketball games! Come early to enjoy exclusive food and drink specials, tailgating games and music! The Alley is free and open to anyone with a game ticket.



What: 1st Annual Tucker Center Cornhole Tournament

Where: The Alley at the Tucker Center

When: Prior to the Florida State Men's Basketball game vs Boston College, February 20th. The Cornhole Tournament will kickoff promptly at 5pm. Tipoff for the game is 7pm.

How: Click here to register your team*. Participants will be emailed event information by the morning of February 20th. There is no cost to participate. *Limited spots available.


  • Single elimination.
  • The first team to get 21 points or more wins. A team earns 1 point for bags on the board, they can't hit the ground and then bounce on the board, nor can they be touching the ground. A team earns 3 points for bags that go into the hole. They must go completely in the hole. Bags that are hanging in the hole only count for 1 point. If your opponent knocks your bag into the hole you still get the 3 points.
  • The score is the difference in team totals. For example, after 1 round of 8 bags played; Team #1 has thrown 1 bag into the hole and three off the board, their total then is 3 points. Team #2 has thrown 1 bag on the board and three off the borad, their total then is 1 point. You subtract team #2's score from team #1's score and the total score for the round is team #1 earns 2 points. A coin flip will determine sides. Where you stand is a personal preference as long as you don't cross the foul line which is an imaginary line that is even with the front of the board.

Prizes: All participants will receive a concessions voucher to be redeemed during the game. Winning team will receive a pair of tickets to see a Tucker Center event, Nike N7 t-shirts and other FSU prizes!