Kenny’s Crazy Wings are sold in the Spotlight Grille which is open to all ticket purchasers and is located on the Club/Suite Level above section 107. Sauces include Sweet BBQ, Kenny’s Krazy Sauce, & Hot. Starting in 2016 fans can expect various wings specials and sampling events in the Spotlight Grille. #KrazyGood

Who's Kenny?

Kenny Carnivale, who works with in the Food Services Department at the Tucker Center, brought his family recipe for wings which have become irresistible to fans. “My family has been in the restaurant business for over 35 years locally, our recipe for wing sauce has always been a huge hit since being passed down by my grandmother, but now with a name we can get more people up to the Spotlight Grille to try them out.” Said Carnival. 

Wing Action Station vouchers are only $12! And can be purchased when entering the Spotlight Grille or online by CLICKING HERE