Q: How long have you been a Chef? Where did you start and how did you get to where you are now?
A: I have been a Chef for about 11 years. I started out in culinary back in 2007 as I entered culinary school right out of the Navy. I worked a few jobs up in Virginia before moving back to Florida in 2009. I then started Baking & Pastry School at Keiser University here in Tallahassee. After finishing Baking & Pastry school, I worked quite a few wonderful jobs as Assistant Pastry Chef, Head Baker or Pastry Chef. I’ve been all over the place from Jupiter Island Club in Hobe Sound, Florida to Denali Princess Lodge in Alaska, Grandfather Country Club in North Carolina, Westchester Country Club in Rye, NY and Devon Yacht Club in the Hamptons. After I stopped traveling to work, I moved back home to Quincy, FL. 


Q: How long have you been working at the Tucker Center?
A: I started here in the fall of 2016. 


Q: What is your favorite thing about working at the Tucker Center?

A: The atmosphere during basketball games. Great place to be. I also love working with the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams.


Q: Give us some examples of what you offer at the Spotlight Grille? 
A: We have a full bar. We have food stations where we serve wings with a variety of house made sauces, we have loaded foot long hotdogs, burgers and hot plate options. We also have a salad bar, vegetarian and gluten-free options. 


Q: What do you consider your specialty/ favorite thing to make?
A: Bread. I love making bread. My doughnuts are also great.


Q: The Spotlight Grille is open before and during many events, what kind of experience can we expect dining here?
A: We have the best view in the building. Our restaurant has about 10 televisions, great food, great bartenders, great cooks and you get to see and get to know us on a personal level. Once you come to Spotlight Grille, you will become a lifelong family member.